How It Works – 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get a copy of your Prescription. 

Before you order, you need to have your prescription. Your prescription is valid for 2 years. Your optician MUST provide you with a copy of your prescription
- BY LAW. Your prescription consists of a series of numbers, which you do not need to understand.

Step 2: Browse the website and choose your frame.

Then proceed to personalize your glasses with your prescription details.
Once you have selected your frame(s), enter your prescription details into the fields and select the type of lens you need.

Step 3: Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase through the 100% secure payment gateway, and receive your glasses in the post.
After placing your order, sit back and relax. You have just saved yourself A LOT of money. Your glasses will be sent to you by post. Discover how you can SAVE MONEY buying glasses online. Read our price-crunching guide NOW and find out...


Face Shapes and Frames

So, you need to get a new pair of glasses… If this is your first pair ever, don’t be swayed by the price- bear in mind, you get what you pay for. The more expensive frames are such due to the materials used, the amount of individual care given to each piece and most importantly, the way they finally sit on your face! However, not all pairs suit everyone- it depends on your personality, your style and even more so- your face shape. Below we have some hints and tips to help you choose a frame according to your face shape:

Square Shape:

Strong jaw line, broad forehead, square chin are all signs of a square face. If your face shape matches Kiera Knightly, Demi Moore or Gwyneth Paltrow’s, this is the shape of your face.


Go for:
Oval, Round shaped, Butterfly shaped glasses 
Centre set temple or those that connect at the top of the frame would be even better suited

Geometric or square shaped glasses

Low set temples or colour accents will focus that emphasise the chin 

Oval Shape:

Mostly balanced look, chin tends to be slightly narrower than the forehead, high cheekbones If your face shape matches Jessica Alba or Kate Hudson’s, this is the shape of your face.


Go for:
Lucky you- most frames will work on your face.
Square, rectangular, geometric shapes will add angles to your soft curves.

Frames that are too big for your features. 

Oblong Shape:

Narrow shape- longer than it is wide. High cheekbones and tall forehead are usually part of the package. If your face shape matches Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler or Giselle Bundchen’s, this is the shape of your face.


Go for:
Tall frames that help create a shorter face
Broad glasses or decorative temples add width to the face too

Small frames that are out of proportion
Short frames that accentuate your length 

Round Shape:

Full cheeks, rounded chin, few angles. If your face shape matches Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Zeta Jones or Fergie’s, this is the shape of your face.


Go for:
Angular frames that sharpen your features
Rectangular and horizontal styles if you want the face to look thinner
Upswept frames to draw attention to the top of the face
Glasses with temples that connect at the top of the frame to add length

Small frames that are out of proportion
Short frames that accentuate your length 

Diamond Shape:

Narrow at the eye line and jawline, small forehead and small chin with dramatic cheekbones. If your face shape matches Rihanna or Nicole Kidman’s, this is the shape of your face.


Go for:
Upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheekbones
Oval frames if you want to maintain balance
Rimless styles to allow cheekbones to shine

Narrow frames as they accentuate the narrow eye lines

Heart Shape:

Broad forehead, wide cheekbones, narrow jaw. May have a pointy chin. If your face shape matches Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Lopez’s, you have a heart shaped face.


Go for:
Bottom heavy frames that add width to the lower face
Styles with low set temples to draw attention downward
Narrow, round frames that soften the forehead

Top heavy styles that draw attention upwards
Decorative temples that accentuate a broad upper face